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The GN Group is a fast-growing company that enables  people to hear more, do more and be more through our intelligent hearing, audio and video collaboration solutions.150 years ago, GN was founded with a pioneering and global mindset. Today, we build on this legacy with a relentless focus on developing cutting-edge products and solutions that provide the best individual user experience.

Driven by a true passion and curiosity and based on strong user insights, we transform complex needs into simple solutions. Our work and solutions are guided by our mission to make life sound better for people in the workplace, in the great outdoors and in the daily lives of people with a hearing loss. In an ever-changing world, our success depends on our ability to adapt to these changes. That is why we focus on and invest in innovation, which means working with the newest technology such as artificial intelligence and machine learning.

With an increasing need for developing new products and as we are expanding our business areas, we need your expertise in sound engineering and “Internet of Things”, Connecting in the cloud, Bluetooth radio stack development, desktop- and mobile apps, UX-design, IT architecture and signal processing are just a few areas you will have the opportunity to work in at GN.

We are looking for talented, passionate, and curious people to join us on our exciting journey.

Hans Kristian Nielsen
Head of Product Development (GN Audio)

Janus Sejr Jensen
Head of Software (GN Audio)

Jesper Lund Nielsen
Head of User Software (GN Hearing)

Meet our people

Get a glimpse into some of our business areas and learn more about our
people, what motivates them and why it is so special working at GN.

A secret for a year

I started at GN straight out of university and have been here for a little over a year. For most of this year, I have kept a secret, which I could only share with my colleagues. I was part of the team that developed our latest headset Evolve2, designing parts, testing models, and even dropping them on the floor to test endurance. I was involved in the dialogue with the manufacturer evaluating the product and making changes. All this was done in cross-functional teams where we listened and learned from each other. But I could not share my work and my insider knowledge of the new products until recently. Now, Evolve2 has been released. It is sold all over the world, and I feel proud to be part of it. It is no longer a secret, and I can finally share my work with my family, my grandparents, and friends.

The most important thing for me is to wake up happy in the morning and wanting to go to work. Due to my good colleagues and the opportunity to create something that people can benefit from; I am able to do so.

Sine Storm Pedersen
Mechanical Design Engineer (GN Audio)

How things get going

We transform things. Whether it is transforming the industry standard or changing the way people experience sound, we transform things. It’s an important part of GN’s values, which I not only can relate to, but also have experienced myself. I have changed and my job has changed. The way we conduct R&D in GN Hearing has changed in my four and a half years here, and I am proud to have been part of this. I switched jobs from managing an application in R&D to becoming a Scrum master and developer in a DevOps team. I talked to my current manager about this at the time and I got offered the opportunity, for which I am grateful. But the most significant change is the way we work as a software organization. We have gone from a Waterfall methodology to Agile. When something new comes up, we gather the necessary stakeholders in a group and talk it out until we have a decision. Ideas might get denied or might get a go, but the essential part is, that decisions are made quickly and work keeps moving forward.

Marie R. Koxlien
DevOps Developer (GN Hearing)

AI and cocktail parties

When digital communication is experienced by our users we bump into ‘the cocktail party problem’: how to focus on only one source of sound – one person – in an environment with lots of noise. My focus as a machine learning researcher for signal processing is to remove all sounds other than the voice of the user. It can be by improving our algorithms. Here I am driven to do something which has never been done before – something with no Google hits. Some of my work is strictly ground research and some is related to product development.

‘Making Life Sound better’ is also a guide for making better algorithms. Less unintentional noise decreases stress and improves the lives of people who are dependent on a lot of communication.

Clément Laroche
Senior Research Scientist (GN Audio)

You’ve got a friend

I’m new. Four years out of university and less than two weeks into my new job here. But I have already been handed a big responsibility. GN is big and things can happen quickly and on a large scale. I tell myself to listen, to challenge, and to transform. I translate our values to teamwork. As a mechanical engineer, I am in the eye of the storm between many different fields of expertise and ultimately the production line. There is so much to learn and right now my learning curve is steep. But it’s ok and it’s how it should be when you love challenges. And it’s nice to know that I have a buddy here who will answer all my stupid questions.

Sarah Egekjær
Mechanical Engineer (GN Audio)

I feel trusted

We are one of the few companies making our own microchips. It’s not easy or cheap to do, but it is part of why we are a leading company in this industry. I chose to work for GN a year ago when I finished university. It gives me the rare opportunity to work with cutting-edge technology. And on top of that, we really help people. I’m the newest member in our team of five. When I started, I quickly realized that people here are very skilled. Maybe you think you know a lot when you are at university, but people out in the real world have a lot of experience and university doesn’t really compare. I was quickly made responsible for an important task and when I finished this, I got a new task asking even more of me. This is more trust than I expected as a new employee starting a career. I am proud to get this trust from my manager and colleagues.

Nikolaj Søndergaard
Analog IC Engineer (GN Hearing)

From product to people – to product

Six years ago, I began as a Program Manager for a specific program with a specific R&D task. My focus was on the audio product and my formal responsibilities were product specific. The program I ran was difficult and challenging, but people in the team were happy and referred to our work as fun. My manager needed a local manager and he noticed that I had the ability to motivate people. Today, my focus is on the 23 people who are involved with electronic design in GN Audio, and I am happy to work in a company that gives people the opportunity to learn and develop professionally. We have just launched the next generation of true wireless headsets. We started a new brand within this area not so long ago and we are now competing head on with Samsung and Apple. You know what? That makes me proud.

Iben Lengte Andersen
Manager, Hardware Engineering (GN Audio)

How to transform your world

Listen to each other. Don’t just speak up and believe that your own opinion is the best one. My colleagues here are highly intelligent and I am happy to part of a work environment where I can listen and be listened to. Together we are smarter. I have challenged technical solutions that I saw we could do better, or take the end user more into account. Slowly, but surely this is how we can transform and improve things for the better. If you want to succeed and if you want to change anything listening is where you start. The rest will follow.

Esben Madsen
Senior Software Developer (GN Hearing)

I will listen

Six years ago, I started in the research department. Since then, I have changed job positions and responsibilities several times. You can do this here in GN and I encourage people to do so, because in my view, it is more important to keep good employees in the company than in a certain department. Well, I started out in the research department and now I am leading people in product development. In GN, we have an informal way of working together. To some extent, I believe it is because the company is led by people with many years in the company and a solid technical background. We speak the same language for the most part, and we take an engineering approach to solving problems. If you know something factual, speak up, and I will listen. In fact, everyone around here will.

Jonas Raun Hansen
Manager in Electro Acoustics (GN Hearing)

GN in short

  • Established in 1869 – 150 years of innovation
  • HQ in Denmark – 6500 employees globally
  • Markets in 100 countries
  • Research centers in Denmark, USA, Holland and China
  • Revenue 2019: 12.6 bn DKK
  • 10% of revenue is reinvested in development of new innovations



Digital IC Verification Engineer for
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DSP Software Developer for our Algorithm Development team at GN Hearing DK A/S

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